Hey, Y’all! It is that time of the week again! I am so excited to share with you all some things that are happening around here. The week started with a much appreciated long weekend! I spent it catching up on some blog work, getting ahead on school work, facetiming with my boyfriend, cleaning the house, and training the puppy. This week is filled with classes and jumping back on the healthy eating after the holidays. I have been meal prepping and making healthy grab-and-go snacks. I made the most delicious protein bites and would love to share the process on my Instagram story.

Next week my boyfriend will officially be living in South Carolina and I could not be more excited! All you long distance girlfriends and military wives, I have so much respect for you. It is hard and I am glad we are all in this together! We will be traveling and having more date nights that I will be sure to post about. Excited about this new adventure!

I also wanted to use this Weekly Skinny as an opportunity to ask you guys what you want to see more of on the blog in 2019. Here are some ideas I have: more home decor, more travel posts, amazon finds, shopping hauls, healthy recipes, Valentine’s Day post, question and answer, daily makeup routine, and maybe even a men’s post written by my boyfriend! I would love to know any ideas for posts you guys would like to see. You can email me at hello@virginiaisforprepsters.blog or direct message me on my Instagram, virginiaisforprepsters. I look forward to hearing your ideas!



Hey y’all! We are back with yet another crazy week of the Bachelor and I am fired up about this one. The first group date starts on the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean. Hannah B becomes a competitive beast and goes a little overkill. So to no surprise at all, Hannah B is furious when she has to watch Caelynn fight for Colton’s heart and win. Then at the cocktail party, Colton is kissing Caelynn for rescuing him on the pirate ship. He even says, “When I’m with Caelynn, my guard is completely down.” Hannah B is beside herself and decides she has to tell Colton the truth. Colton is upset with Hannah now and he ends up giving Caelynn the rose for the first group date. Did Hannah B just ruin her chances of being Mrs. Underwood? Oh, but how could I forget… Demi also pulled Colton aside at the cocktail party. She blindfolded and spanked Colton so just a normal time with Demi.

Now is the first one-on-one which goes to Elyse. Elyse and Colton spend the day in an amusement park with children from Colton’s charity. Colton is impressed by how she spends time with the kids and Elyse is definitely digging the father role on Colton. During the dinner part of the date, Elyse tells Colton that her sister died giving birth to her second child. Colton is falling for Elyse even more now and gives her a rose for opening up to him. Oh, and of course the date ends with a concert performance. At this point, Elyse may have a fighting chance because she got a date rose last week and is involved in zero of the house drama.

The second group date is all about strong women. Terry and Rebecca Crews are the judges for “Bachelor’s Strongest Woman.” The girls first go to workout with Colton. They are sweating for other reasons than the workout if you know what I’m saying. Sydney has some steamy stretching with Colton, Nicole compares herself to Napoleon Dynamite, and Caitlin gets sent home. I was surprised by this group date. I would have never thought Caitlin would be sent home and that Nicole would get the group date rose. So I will give you this one, Colton, I was caught off guard.

Now time for the rose ceremony. Of course, the Hannah B and Caelynn drama returns. Colton even runs to the producers because the drama is causing him so much stress! So naturally, he decides to keep both girls… At the end of the night Caitlin, Nina, Catherine, and Brianna were sent home. Tune in next week to see if the Virgin Bachelor will remain a virgin and to see if Caelynn and Hannah B have a full-on catfight.




Hey, Y’all! Blog posts two days in a row? New year, new me? I just thought I would pop on to do a little life update this week. I put a poll on my Instagram and you guys voted that you would love to see more personal content on the blog and Instagram, so here it goes!

Life has been nothing short of crazy in the last month. I finished finals and headed home. I was home for about for days than I headed to New York with my sisters. It was such a fun trip and I will do some blog posts about it soon! After New York it was Christmas and my boyfriend came home for his Christmas leave. He spent the holiday with my family and we had a perfect New Year’s date. Then he left to finish schooling and my mom had to unexpectedly move in 3 days! It was insane! I helped her back up the whole house and we were on our way. After that, I enjoyed one more week at home. I got my hair done and returned to my roots, got my eyebrows done, and finally got a new phone.

Now I am back at school. The new semester started on Monday and oh, man do I love syllabus week. I have been able to focus on getting my life organized again and adding some decorations to my apartment. Now for the amazing news! In just two weeks my boyfriend and I will be in the same state again! We are so excited about this new adventure and are even thinking of starting a couples vlog and Instagram! Would you guys follow along?

As for blogging, I plan to commit to a consistent blog schedule. I am thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I really want to get back to creating content for you. I am still passionate about fashion and blogging, but life has gotten the best of me lately! Here is to 2019, ladies!


Hey y’all! Bachelor Mondays are back which means the Bachelor summary is back on the blog every Tuesday! You know I am a Bachelor super fan so I am excited to share with all of you!

So to recap last week, the sloth (Alex D), Laura, Revian, Cinderella (Erin), Devin, Tahzjuan, and Jane all went home. Last week we were left thinking Catherine was the new Krystal, but this week a new villain surfaces. Turns out sweet, innocent Demi is not what she seems. But before we get to all that…

The episode starts with a shirtless Colton that is wearing a lot of foundation. Yikes. He tells us the first group date plan. He is taking the ladies to a theater so they can each tell him a story about a “first”. Now fast forward to the actual date. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullaly welcome the Bachelor crew and help the girls write their stories. Colton kicks off the storytelling by talking about his virginity. Surprise Surprise. The girls all tell their stories and Demi even kisses Colton in the middle of hers. Oh, man did our virgin bachelor move fast on this group date! By the end of the night Colton had kissed Demi, Elyse, and Hannah G. Elyse was given the group date rose because Colton felt he saw a different side of her that night. To say Demi was pissed is an understatement.

Next up is the first one-on-one date with Alabama Hannah. Colton has high expectations for this date, but it did not exactly work out like that. Before they even get to the date location Hannah has already told us it is her birthday about 10 times. Then Colton has the idea that they should both propose toasts. Hannah is at a loss for words and keeps it short and sweet but saying Roll Tide. The whole date you can just sense how awkward Hannah is and how hard Colton is trying to make her comfortable. They decide to get into the hot tub and the awkwardness is still there. Colton is now second guessing giving Hannah a rose and questioning his overall judgment. Colton tells us if Hannah does not open up then she will be going home. Hannah then decides to ask Colton why he is a virgin. After Colton explains it for the millionth time, Hannah tells us how she planned to wait until marriage, but she did not. Apparently, Colton liked what he heard and Alabama Hannah got herself a rose.

Now it is time for the second group date. The date has a summer camp vibe and we find out the group will be split into two teams. Now for the plot twist, the winning team will stay overnight. Billy Eicher is the special guest and makes several jokes about Colton’s virginity. The red team wins and get some one-on-one time with Colton. Colton kisses Katie after bonding over their mutual competitiveness, He kisses Caelynn over their commonality of visiting children’s hospitals. Lastly, he holds hands with Heather after she tells him she is not just a virgin, but she has never even kissed someone. At the end of the night, the group date rose is given to Heather.

During the cocktail party the biggest thing that happens is that Demi invites Colton to her “fantasy closet” and gives him a back rub. After that there are just the usual conversation interruptions and tears. Oh and Onyeka and an air horn… Anyways, the girls sent home this week are: Annie, Alex, Angelique, and Erika. None of which we have seen or heard from very much. None of Colton’s decisions so far have been outrageous.

So we have learned so far that Demi is the new villain, Colton is always shown shirtless or showering, if you took a shot for every time Colton’s virginity was mentioned you would be blackout drunk, and Colton may not be holding on to his virginity for long. Looks like we are in for a crazy ride!



Smile While You Still Have Teeth

Hey y’all! I am back with another exciting sponsored post! I am super excited to share this one with you guys! So we all know how important dental care is so when Smile Brilliant reached out to me I was ecstatic. As someone who wore braces for four years… yes, you heard that right! I wore braces from seventh grade to eleventh grade. Taking care of my teeth has always been important to me. I mean we all want healthy, white teeth. Well, do I have the best news for you!


Not only do my teeth look whiter, they feel cleaner too. I have used an electric toothbrush for years. I was using an Oral B electric toothbrush, but after I tried this one for a week I was hooked! It has 5 different brush modes instead of just the one! It has clean, whiten, massage, gum care, and sensitive. It also has a built-in 30-second timer so you know when to move to the next teeth. The battery lasts for 30 days on a full charge! Plus it comes with an awesome charger and two replacement toothbrush heads. On top of all of that, it also comes with a two-year warranty! I have always wanted a whiter smile and whitening strips were never my first option due to my sensitive enamel, but now all I need is this magical toothbrush.


Now for the really good news… Smile Brilliant and I have teamed up to give one lucky person a toothbrush! You can enter the giveaway here. If you want to purchase one right now because you just can’t wait to have a sparkling smile then head to their website and enter the code virginiaisforprepsters20 for 20% of the cariPRO Ultrasonic electric toothbrush. I cannot wait for you all to join me in smiling fearlessly!




She’s A Wildflower That Won’t Be Cut Down

Hey y’all! Today I am talking about this adorable fall dress! It looks kind of like the Free People one, but this one is a lot more affordable and is from New York and Company. I am in love with the embroidered cream flowers. It is comfortable, cute, and makes for the perfect little fall outfit. I have paired this dress with so many different pairs of shoes. It is so versatile. This time I decided to dress it up with black suede platforms. I am obsessed with these shoes and I get compliments every time I wear them. They were a splurge, but 100% worth the money. I wear them all the time to dress up a really simple outfit. I linked the shoes for you here. I promise you can walk miles in these heels and never hurt. Not to mention the heels are really supportive so you do not have to worry about breaking an ankle. Beauty is pain, but in this case, it does not have to be! These earrings are a favorite and are from Brynn Hudson! My earrings are linked here.  They are lightweight and still make a statement! Lastly, my purse is from a spring FabFitFun box and I have been obsessed since the day I received it. Unfortunately, they do not sell it currently. By the way, this outfit has been Tucker approved and a fall staple for me!


floral 8.JPGfloral 3.JPG



Hey y’all! ‘Tis the season to make weekly skinnies actually become weekly again. I have received a lot of requests lately to get more personal on the blog so I am really going to open up. Lately life has been short of fantastic. That is part of the reason why I have been relatively absent from the blog. Now I have decided to open up and talk to all my blogging friends and readers.

These past few weeks have been busy and unpredictable. I have been buried by homework, I have been sick for about three weeks, I have been unable to find a job, and I have been struggling with the long distance aspect of my relationship a lot. Additionally, I have been trying to take blog photos, create new content, collaborate with brands, train a puppy, clean my apartment, attend class, and take care of myself as well. Last week I became a little discouraged with blogging too. I have been doing this for over a year and sometimes I feel like I am talking only to myself on the blog or my Instagram posts just are not being seen. I seem to hit this plateau on the number of followers for the blog Instagram. I feel as if I will never hit 2000 followers. It has really been a struggle for me. I have started posting more consistently and more frequently. I was also denied from Like to Know it and I am trying to grow the blog and Instagram reach in order to reach my biggest goal of being welcomed into the LTK it community.

On the positive side, I have been connecting with old friends and making new friends. The Influenceher Collective and Sassy Club facebook groups have really helped me lately. So many followers have direct messaged me and encouraged me and I am so thankful. I have come to terms with that this is just a season I am in. In a couple months, all of this will be behind me and I will have grown from it. Right now I am trying to stay positive and motivated. Look forward to seeing lots of motivational quotes on the Instagram stories! And a huge thank you to each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog posts, like my Instagrams, comment on posts, and even direct message me. I am looking forward to sharing lots of upcoming content with you!